July 25, 2024

AA cars are the top-rated cars on the market, and their excellent customer service is well known. They are also trusted by many car manufacturers to test drive and approve their vehicles on Irish roads. This gives them the insight into how a new model will perform and how it can be driven in our weather. Unlike other schemes that restrict their awards to models launched in the previous year, the AA judges take all of this into consideration when deciding on their winners.

The AA has also revealed that prices of some of the UK’s most popular used cars have dropped slightly. Data collected by the AA’s Used Car Index shows that the average price of the 20 best-selling used cars fell by 1.4% during Q3.

Prices have also dipped for some models considered to be safest for drivers, such as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. Meanwhile, family-friendly SUVs have seen a surge in popularity with the Hyundai Tucson spending the shortest time on the AA’s site before being snapped up.

Despite the slowdown in demand, many of us still want to buy a car at this point in the year and it’s worth researching the different models available before making a decision. In order to help, the AA’s refurbished car list has been refreshed to include a number of new models that have passed the AA’s extensive checks. This includes a wide range of petrol and diesel options that can be easily converted to electric. AA cars

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