July 22, 2024

With the rise of contactless and mobile payments, card payment machines have become increasingly vital to businesses of all sizes. From sole traders to SMEs, these devices help streamline payment processes and reduce cash handling concerns. Choosing the right card machine for your business depends on the needs of your customers and how you use your business. In the past, obtaining a credit card machine was a costly process. However, thanks to a number of payment solution providers, there are now more options than ever for small businesses looking for a reliable card reader with low transaction fees.

Traditional countertop card machines are typically found in shops and restaurants, enabling face-to-face transactions with customers. These machines feature a card reader, a keypad, and display screen to accept cash, debit or credit cards. Some also include a PIN pad for secure transactions. The machine reads the data from the card’s magnetic stripe or EMV chip and sends it to the customer’s bank for authorisation. Depending on the machine, it may also have an offline mode that allows it to continue processing transactions even without internet connectivity.

mPOS systems, on the other hand, provide customers with a more portable option for taking card payments. These mobile card machines are ideal for taking payments in the field. This allows a restaurant to serve a customer at their table, or a hairdresser to take a payment while the client is in their chair. These card readers can also support Apple Pay, Android Pay and other e-wallets for even more convenient customer experiences. card payment machines

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