July 25, 2024

Despite the popular belief that print is dead, 82 percent of millennial consumers say print ads influence their buying decisions. With this in mind, it is important to keep a well-rounded advertising campaign going strong. Whether through web design or expansive print ad campaigns, graphic designers from Chicago can make your brand stand out with bold colors and unique visuals.

These graphic design firms from Chicago will ensure that your business’s message is delivered in a clear and concise way, no matter the medium. While many companies specialize in certain areas, each of them has a wide variety of skills that they can bring to the table. TS Design Studio offers branding and logo design, photography, promotional materials, and other creative services, while Merit/Andrew’s seasoned team has extensive experience with commercial and social media advertising campaigns.

Pivot Design’s creative team uses a combination of visual elements to create on-brand imagery for clients. Their work often includes a mixture of 2D and 3D animation techniques to blend designs with storytelling. The firm also provides branding and video production services.

Founded in 2016, HANGAR12 has a small team of less than ten employees that offers web design, branding, marketing strategy, and logos to local businesses. They have a track record of working with midmarket and enterprise-level clients across several industries. graphic design firm from Chicago

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