July 22, 2024

If you love jewelry and are looking for a creative paper craft to try, Paper Quilling is the perfect choice. It’s surprisingly lightweight, durable, and a guaranteed attention-getter. Plus, it’s a lot easier to master than you might think!

In this article, you’ll find plenty of ideas for making beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry. From an elegantly twisted flower pendant to a dazzling lariat in shimmering shades of blue, these projects will give you the confidence you need to expand your quilling skills and make your own show stopping accessories.

All of the projects in this book are made using metallic-edge paper to add a gorgeous sheen and extra sparkle. The papers are acid-free so they can be used for scrapbooks, rubber stamping, and framed pictures without fading over time. However, plain quilling paper also looks amazing and is available in every color of the rainbow.

To get started, you’ll need 1/8” wide strips of quilling paper and a needle or slotted quilling tool (though a tooth pick will work in a pinch). Then all you have to do is roll the strip around your finger until it forms a tight coil. When the coil is the desired size, slide it off your finger and allow it to relax a bit. Then, if needed, apply a light coating of glue at the join and brush on a thin coat of fixative to prevent wrinkling. Then your finished piece is ready to wear! Paper Quilling Jewelry

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