July 22, 2024

Unlike dry radiators which use fans to spread the heat, oil filled radiators do not have fans and are therefore completely silent when they are heating up. This makes them ideal for bedrooms and media rooms where you may want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere without interruption.

Oil radiators work using a heating element immersed in thermal oil which is contained entirely within the heater body and pre-filled on delivery. When the element is switched on, it heats up the oil which then spreads evenly around the metal wall and fins of the heater via convection and thermal radiation to distribute warmth across a room.

This is a very energy efficient heating method and can be a great alternative to a central heating system. However, if you need on-demand heating then ceramic radiators are a better choice as they heat up much faster.

Can I Leave an Oil Radiator On Overnight?
An electric oil heater is a very safe device that can be left on overnight as it has safety features such as overheat protection, anti-tip and automatic shut off technology. However, it is always recommended to check that your radiator hasn’t sprung a leak before you go to sleep.

Compared to traditional radiators, an oil filled radiator is a more portable option as it connects to your house electricity directly. Most models feature a carry handle or wheels which allows you to move the radiator around your home as needed. They are also extremely easy to install – a professional heating installer can fit several of these devices in under an hour. oil filled radiator

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